Poetry, Weekly Inspirations

Long Distance Trucker

I met a man online who was a long-distance trucker

I was weary of his career and didn’t want to be a sucker

He had been driving many miles and decided to take a break

He said he was searching for that special number 8

She didn’t have to be perfect or of a voluptuous size

Just be able to carry on a conversation and intrigue his mind

Trying to find that unique someone to share his life

Who could understand, be sympathetic, and with no strife

He knew he had little time to give because he was married

Already married to the cross-country roads so he tarried

I could hear the loneliness in is voice and sensed his uneasiness

He confessed he wanted to settle down and have someone to finesse with

He admitted he chose this life of a trucker because it fit

Like a hand in a glove when he was 20 but now he’s 48ish

His career has taken its toll and now doesn’t look so great

I’ve heard with the lonely trucker comes much heartache

The more I thought, pondered, and prayed I soon saw the truth

The lonely trucker wasn’t lonely as he said, and I had the proof

Facebook photos, Instagram posts, and late-night confessions

The mask slipped and revealed the heart as I listened

City to city, house to house, bedroom door to bedroom door

No thanks, I’ll keep my heart for Mr. Right not for someone looking to score

Poetry, Weekly Inspirations

Passion Froze

grayscale photo of a man running
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Oh! What a crush I had

Following so close behind

Hoping and wishing he’d look back

Did he notice did he see me

Muscle bound and luscious lips on fire

If I could taste it would quench my desire

As it so happened I’d get that chance

School project alone or was it happenstance

He felt my lust for him without saying a word

Reached over pulled me in close I was weak as a bird

Taking full advantage of the minute or two alone

I felt his biceps and smelled his cologne

Mouth open tongue out desire and passion

Filled the room until the door came crash-in

Back to work you guys whew that was close

Still remembering years later passion froze


All I Need Is A Hug

imag1238_1.jpgI’ve been on the rollercoaster all day long. Sometimes I fight. Yes, sometimes I fight. I get yelled at even if I’m right. Trying hard to concentrate, sit still, and pay attention. Mom yells, don’t act up and come home with detention. When I see my cousins I get so excited! Running and jumping and laughing until we cry. When it’s time to go home I breathe a long sigh.

All I need is a hug.

imag1208_1.jpgI wrap my arms tightly around your neck and turn my cheek to smooch your cheek. My little body holds on tight as my feet dangle caught up in your big daddy arms feeling loved. My eyes closed as I feel the rising in your chest next to mine.

All I need is a hug


I love you and want you to know it. Like honeybees to a honey jar I’m not afraid to show it. We’ve travelled this road like a train at full speed. I hurt you cry. You smile, I laugh. You got me and I got you. You will always be my sister.

All I need is a hug.