Hi I’m LeeLee. A Hug Without A Touch is a ministry of hugs meant to give a hug to the reader. Just imagine living the rest of your life without a hug, kiss, or touch. Well, you can get one from me.

There are many benefits associated with a hug.  According to a NBC News article on the benefits of hugging, hugs boosts your immune system and makes you healthier.

My passion in writing led me to earn a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Rider University, NJ. in 2014.  I love to share inspirational stories, testimonies, prayers, and poetry about my life, loves, and passions.  My wish is to continue encouraging and inspiring others through my writing and public speaking.

I received the Testimony of the Year award in Oct. 2015 from Epitome magazine for an article I wrote, “I Will Live and Not Die.” This story is my personal testimony about my battle with kidney disease to a kidney transplant. Going through this type of trauma made me feel alone. I hope my story will let others know who are going through similar situations they are not alone.

The awards ceremony took place at Music Hall Fair Park, Dallas, Texas. After winning the award, I was interviewed by Michael A. Johnson, Centertainment TV – CFN (see video).