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Miracle Meet Miracle: Surving a Plane Crash


I attended the Epitome Awards Gala in Dallas, TX, in October 2015. I was one of the nominees for the “Testimony of the Year” award. I won the award for an article I wrote, “I Will Live and Not Die,” which was about my spiritual and physical battle with kidney disease.

I received many warm embraces and saw many smiling faces from people who came up to me after the ceremony to congratulate me on my award and tell me how my story really touched and inspired them. They wanted my business card, wanted to know if I had a website, or if I had a blog, but I had nothing but a testimony.

I went with my family and a friend to an Italian restaurant in Dallas to celebrate and just so happened this lovely woman who I met earlier was there.

When I was about to leave, she grabbed me by my hand and started walking me toward the door, and I followed her thinking where is she taking me.

She stood me firmly by the wall next to this tall handsome gentleman wearing a black tux and she said distinctly, “Miracle meet miracle. Honey tell her your story.”

airplane flying under white clouds during night time
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

At that moment, my heart started beating faster in anticipation of what was to come because I knew this was a God moment. He began to tell me how he survived a plane crash, had many broken bones, and couldn’t walk for six years.  My mouth fell open, but no words would form. I looked at him up and down as he stood next to me straight as an arrow with feet firmly planted in God, no doubt.

I replied as I stumbled over my words, “You’ve been through the fire and don’t even smell like smoke.”

I will never forget his response, he popped his collar up trying to be cool and hunched his shoulders while cocking his head to the side and replied, “I haven’t even been singed.”

I sit here in my bedroom in my comfortable white high back chair next to the window listening to the rainfall while reminiscing over the words to gospel singer Marvin Sapp’s song, Testimony, as tears well up in my eyes.

He sings, “…experienced loss at a major cost but I never lost faith in You. So if you see me cry, it’s just a sign that I, I’m still alive.  I’ve got some scars but I’m still alive.  In spite of calamity, He still has a plan for me and it’s working for my good and it’s building my testimony.  I’m so glad I made it…”

(For more see my YouTube video in the About section).

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